Our story


LALA Tequila is founded and owned by two Dutch friends and entrepreneurs: an industry-leading corporate manager and a traveling yogi. Iris and Ambre.

Old friends from Amsterdam on separate business trips to NYC, Ambre and Iris ran into each other on a Friday night in a Brooklyn bar. Both were sipping damn good tequila. The energy of NYC, paired with the top-quality tequilas it offers, gave Ambre and Iris lifelong memories of their thriving New York chapter.

Landed back in Holland, Ambre and Iris were happy to be home but missed the NYC culture—mostly, the tequila. They were hit with a major problem: new high standards.

The solution? Bring the tequila culture to Holland by creating its first tequila brand.


Why LALA? La is the female signifier in many languages. As two female founders, LA + LA = LALA. These women are as bold, playful, and smooth as the tequila they’ve crafted for you.